Skyrocketing Efficiency.

Focus on the big picture - our optimization engine takes care of the details.

Predictive Simulation.

Our digital twins provide accurate predictions of your processes.

Modular Architecture.

Our software can easily consider customer-specific requirements.

Artificial & Applied Intelligence.

We beat black-box Artificial Intelligence by including customer-specific Know-How.

Augmented-Reality Enabled.

Ready-to-go interface to our AR-partner INS available.

Learns from Big Data.

Our Optimization Engine adaptively responds to recent trends in your data.

Ready for Supercomputers.

Optional use of world-class supercomputers for extended forecasts and high accuracy.

What We Provide

FPrimeZero provides a powerful Optimization Software Engine to automize and optimize your business processes. This Engine acts as a Digital Twin and not only analyzes and learns from past data, but also runs simulations and provides optimal control of processes. Be it Automotive,Manufacturing,Social Processes,Road Traffic, Passenger Terminals
our Optimization Engine can handle just about everything!

Application Areas

Features and Techniques

Client-Server Architecture

Ready 24/7.

Full IoT support

Directly connect existing IoT devices.

High-Performance Computing

Optimized code delivers unmatched fast performance.

Modular Plugin-Architecture

Easily extend the Optimization Engine with custom modules.

Automated Reporting

Rely on high-quality reports illustrating every detail of your processes.

Endless Possibilities

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.

Low Total Cost

Our cloud-service frees you from maintaining your own computers.

Digital Twin

The Optimization Engine directly controls your business processes by continuously optimizing via simulations in the background.

Extensive Documentation

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including Videos & Screenshots.


About Us

Agile & Dynamic

We are a small team that quickly responds to the individual needs of our clients and offers perfectly tailored solutions.

Experience & Expertise

10+ years of experience in simulations and high-performance applications backed by 100+ scientific publications.

Worldwide Services

We offer and support our Optimization Engine all across the Globe.